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Weight Loss Testimonials


After my successful treatment of my bird phobia with Trev I decided that I would ask Trev to help with a weight management course.

I was a bit more sceptical about this journey as I had tried every other diet going without success. I have had five sessions with Trev and got rid of 10lbs, an average of 2lbs a week without dieting.

My diet before I started my course of hypnotherapy was rubbish, not particularly overeating but missing meals, not eating breakfast and lunch and just having tea, not drinking enough water and a lack of exercise.

Heather (Updated Mar 2016)

I was at a total loss with what do next about my weight as I had tried so many diets previously and failed miserably.

Well I have smashed it! Shed 10 stones and still going strong I decided to try hypnotherapy and went to see Trev who advised that the best programme for me would be the hypnotic gastric band programme as I needed to shed at least 7 stones.

Trev made me feel really relaxed from the start and was able to get me to open up about my issues and my relationship with food.


Hi to anyone reading this testimonial page. After four weeks with Trevor I can happily say I have shed 8lb 8oz and also shed 16.5 inches, it has been so easy. I started like you are by reading through here and been the sceptic I have realised that so had most of the others who had put comments on, been at desperation stage I decided to ring and have a chat with Trevor. That was my first step on my journey Trevor was very calm and inspiring and made my first appointment for the end of that week. In his room we spoke about a lot of what I had tried before and how I had felt, it was when he said to me I cannot make any guarantees, there is only you that can lose weight! My heart sank a bit, but not for long.


I have tried every diet known to man since my early adult life joining my first slimming club at the age of 16, this prompted years of yo-yo dieting with every waking moment of thinking about food.

I hated what i saw in the mirror but it did not stop me gaining more weight and becoming fatter and fatter UNTIL i spoke to Trevor Ramshaw.


Wow what a great course to go on! Trevor is brilliant! A wonderful relaxing way of getting rid of the fat that I don't want. I did the 4 week course which has changed the way I think about eating. It is now not something I think about all day every day. I no longer beat myself up for having a piece of cake. I can eat anything I want. But do not want as much. I lost 10 lbs in the 4 weeks I did the course and I am continuing to do so now 2 weeks on.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to change that way they think about food and are fed up of trying every diet going!

Thanks Trev, You are a star


Having struggled with my weight for absolutely years and tried just about every diet known to man; I decided to go see Trevor Ramshaw to see if he could help. I had already gotten rid of 5 stones at a Slimming Club, but felt like my every waking moment was spent thinking about food it was truly an obsession. After two years at Slimming Club, I started to lose heart and a stone had crept back on. I was terrified that I would end up in the same boat as many times before and gain all the weight I´d struggled so hard to get rid of.

I already knew Trev as we used to work together many years ago, and as he has not changed a bit so it was really easy to pick up where we left off.


I did your 6 week group weight reduction course in February and you also gave me a one to one for some PTSD and emotional eating issues I have.

Well the good news is that as a result of dumping 2 stones (and partly also letting go of emotional stuff) after 10 years of trying I'm finally expecting my 2nd child!!!! Our baby girl should be with us sometime between Christmas and the middle of January.

I have recommended you to quite a few people as I don't think I would be where I am now if it weren't for your help.

I'll be back in the New Year to dump the baby weight!

Thank you so so much


Trevor Ramshaw was recommended to me by a friend when I told him I was considering, yet again, going on a diet. He told me I didn´t need to diet, ´just go and see Trevor´. The first thing I did was Google ´Trevor Ramshaw´ to see why Ian thought he was so wonderful! I decided that day to ask to sign up to the four weekly group sessions.

I was the heaviest I have ever been, hating what I saw in the mirror and eating my way through the ups and downs of life that other people seemed to cope with without getting fatter and fatter. As soon as I spoke to Trevor on the telephone I felt reassured and just wanted to get ´on with it´. I joined the next available group a couple of weeks later. This is the point when my life ´magically´ became what I had so desperately wanted ? normal.


Thankyou Trev for all your help.After completing one of your courses, I am beginning to get my head around my stress issues and my weight gain. I can recommend your course to anyone. I liked in particular the way I came out feeling thoroughly relaxed and ready to start a new week. I loved the way that I was made to feel a success even if my weight had not gone down as much as I would have wanted (unlike some of the slimming clubs I have attended). I am sure that I can get my life and my weight back on track knowing that I can contact you again should I need to.

Thanks again


Probably, like most people, I have tried many ways of reducing my weight and of course keeping it off, you will notice I do not mention ?losing weight? this saying is banned by Trevor, because we have not lost it, so therefore we cannot find it again, simple. Why his course on weight control works?

Why his course on weight control works, I can´t explain, but it does. You learn that this is not a diet on your very first meeting with him, nothing is banned, you just simply without pain or stress don´t want these foods or drinks like you used to think you did.


I would like to recommend the mind over matter course for weight loss. A wonderful relaxing way of getting rid of something that has been around my body for far too long. An amazing 6 week course that has changed the way I think about eating. It is now not the most important thing in my life. I am no longer on the scales every morning. I no longer beat myself up for having a piece of cake. I can eat anything I want. But don't want as much. I have no interest in chocolate or sweet things but I know I can eat them if I want.

The sessions along with the CD have changed my life hopefully for good


After trying and failing to lose weight for most of my adult life I discovered Trevor´s advertisement in our local paper and was intrigued to find out more. It turned out to be the best thing I have done as it changed my whole way of thinking about food. There really is no diet to follow and no foods are banned, Trevor just shows you the way to banish cravings, to eat sensibly and also through the hypnosis experience to take control of the foods you eat. It really is so easy and very successful as for the first time in about 20 years I have reduced my weight and am thrilled at the results. I would recommend anyone to give this course a try, Trevor is so easy to talk to, patient and understanding and makes the whole process effortless


As a compulsive comfort eater, I booked a 4 week hypnotherapy course for weight control on a one to one basis with Trevor. After the very first session I came away feeling calm and confident and with a totally different attitude towards food, there are no diets to follow on this course, no food is banned. Trevor´s tireless encouragement and support make it so easy. My way of eating has changed for the better without me even having to think about it. As the course went on the pounds dropped off and I am delighted to say they continue to do so. I´m going to keep in touch with Trevor on a regular basis for relaxation hypnotherapy, that´s how good he is. If anyone has any doubts about the sessions - don´t, just enjoy and let Trevor do the rest


I cannot recommend enough the weight loss hypnotherapy sessions. I recently attended one to one sessions and have managed to shed 7lbs so far. After a single one to one session I immediately stopped my night time comfort eating (which I had been doing regularly for the last few years) and as a result am shedding weight and feel happier and healthier.


Having recently completed Trev's weight reduction course I have to say I couldn't be happier. I have been on a diet for as long as I can remember without any great success. I booked onto Trev's course after a colleague told me all about it and it's the best thing I've done for a long time.

I admit I was sceptical at first but went with an open mind and positive attitude. After the first session my eating habits were changed and food was no longer the main focus of my day as it always had been in the past. It's now six weeks on and I've got rid of over a stone in weight.


Before I attended Trevor's 4 week group weight loss course I had tried numerous diets always losing a little bit of weight before putting it all back on plus more. I admit I was sceptical as to whether hypnotherapy would work at first but in the week following the first session I got rid of 4 pounds which was very encouraging.

I have now completed the course and have got rid of a massive 13 pounds of weight in five weeks and I am confident that I will reach my target weight. The most surprising thing though is that I have made no conscious effort to achieve this and most definitely do not feel like I am on a diet. I would not hesitate in recommending this course.


All I can say is WOW! From the first session Trevor began to give me the tools to make changes to me and what I was about, instantly food became less of a focus, within days I started to get rid of excess weight and began to weigh lighter. I'm now 25lb lighter after 12 weeks!

With the techniques Trevor used we was able to find the start point of my poor relationship with food, he managed to open up deeply buried emotions and reasons which hadn't been resolved for 42 years, even today about 12 weeks on I'm still finding good memories which had been lost in the depths of bad memories and I continue to replay the good memories I keep finding.


When I first saw Trevor's ad saying no food barred, I can make getting rid of excess weight easy, it sounded too good to be true is what I thought, looking through my portfolio of diets clubs to decide which shall I try again.!

So I made the call to Trevor and he talked me through what he did. To be honest it still seemed too good to be true, no hunger no food barred and lose weight. Really! Did I feel that I had been on a diet? NO I did not

Appointment day arrived and with anticipation and feeling a bit nervous I met Trevor for the first time. Trevor makes you feel at ease straight away, in a calm relaxed environment. The session began and it seemed to pass by in no time at all and I left thinking how's that going to work then.


My name is Sue. I am 47 years old. I have been dieting for 30 years during which time I have increased my size by six dress sizes!

I have been a member of every national slimming group and though I have had some success with these It's now 8 months on and I have shed 4 stone in weight! groups I have been completely miserable whilst on a diet. Being restricted in what I was allowed to eat made me more food obsessed than ever and by 9pm every evening I would be scouring the fridge for chocolate, wine or crisps to satisfy both my cravings and feelings of deprivation. Of course as soon as I reached my target weight I would stop the diet and put all my weight back on and more besides.


Before I started the hypnotherapy for weight management course I had tried EVERYTHING going to lose weight and I would lose between 4-8 pounds in the first week, then nothing for weeks so would get fed up and put it all back on again! So I came with an open mind. I really believed that hypnotherapy worked but didn?t believe in myself that I would achieve the weight management goal I have spent years trying to unsuccessfully achieve. I really did not think I would ever be able to change my bad eating habits.

After 4 weeks of the weight management hypnotherapy I have got rid of 6 pounds without realising until I weighed myself at the end! And this time I really feel like I have changed my eating habits for good and am positive that I will achieve my weight goal-finally! I would encourage anybody and everybody to go on this course!


My name is Les and I have tried diets and reduced weight then put it back on I attended Trev?s 4 week course and found this way the easiest and have reduced weight by 7lbs over the sessions. I found the relaxation CDs very good. I will recommend the course to anyone who wishes to ?lose? weight.


I decided to try hypnosis for self esteem issues as I was struggling to come to terms with past issues. The techniques that Trevor used were highly successful, so much so, that after many failed attempts of losing weight I decided to try Trevor's hypnotherapy programme for this too.

I was surprised at just how easy this was and after doing Trevor's craving buster I didn't have any cravings for the things I used to like to eat for convenience, such as take aways.


All my adult life I have been on some sort of Diet and have tried everything I have been to all the slimming clubs usually losing a few pounds to start off with but soon getting bored of eating the same thing and putting the weight back on again.

I had a problem with sweet things I always had to have a pudding even if I was full and in the afternoon always got a sweet craving and I am in control not the other way round! had chocolate, biscuits whatever was convenient to satisfy my cravings thus sabotaging any diet I was on.

I saw Trevor's advert and thought I would give it a try I was very sceptical and had seen hypnotists on the TV and thought it would not work but was I surprised. I had weight control sessions on a one to one basis with Trevor.


Since meeting Trev my total outlook on food has changed dramatically. I no longer feel like food is the enemy! the programme is easy, uncomplicated, common sense.

There is no calorie counting, point checking or sins to avoid, there is not even a set of scary weighing scales in the building!!

Hypnosis is very relaxing (if you allow it to be), and taps into your inner mind laying down simple but effective ground rules. It is not a competition, it is your own journey. All I would say is go with an open positive mind and allow Trev to do the rest, you will enjoy it and hopefully meet new friends along your journey to success.


Over approximately 20 years I have tried many diets and although they worked I ended up putting on what I lost and more. I developed the mindover-matter website and therefore read all the material that Trevor supplied and wondered if it would work for me. I had my concerns as I consider myself to be strong willed and assumed incapable of being manipulated in anyway whatsoever but given that in later years I have struggled to stay on a diet decided I had nothing to lose.


I have been on the course and i must say I have really enjoyed it. In the four weeks I have lost 1 stone 2 lbs but I don't feel like I have been on a diet. I have ate everything I wanted and still got these excellent results. The relaxation is really good and Trevor is really nice and welcoming and made me feel at ease. I am very happy with my results and think this is going to continue until I reach my target weight.


I have struggled with my weight for years and have been a typical "Yo Yo" dieter, losing weight and feeling good and then putting it back on again which left me miserable and depressed.

Since going on the course with Mind Over Matter I have been very happy with the results and have reduced have reduced my weight by over 20 lbs my weight by over 20 lbs. I have managed to get my weight issues into perspective, my approach to dieting has changed completely and now I eat more sensibly and only when I am hungry.


I had been trying for long time to lose weight but with no success. I was considering having the stomach by pass operation when I saw Trev?s advert in the local paper.

I had never been hypnotised before, but I was put at ease and enjoyed the experience. I attended four sessions and have been losing 1lb each week without really thinking about dieting.

I have now lost 1 stone and steadily continuing to lose weight. It certainly beats having to take the extra vitamins and minerals and blood tests I would need had I undergone the operation.

I have recommended a friend who has attended the sessions and is steadily losing weight also. I have no reservations about recommending the weight loss programme.


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