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Training Testimonials


I recently completed the Foundation and Diploma hypnotherapy training with Trevor at MindOver Matter.

The training was comprehensive and in depth and we were doing practical exercises, hypnotising each other after the first hour of the course. And that is where the challenges and benefits lie with Trevor´s course. The course is very practical and may push you out of your comfort zone however this was absolutely the best way to learn. It gave me confidence and embedded the theory that we covered. I also learnt a lot from being the subject rather than the hypnotherapist! Trevor is a great teacher, passionate about his subject and made the course a great deal of fun. I would definitely recommend, I really loved this course.

Thank you very much Trevor
Anne Walker


Working with Trevor was a revelation! His easy, relaxed style quickly had the students feeling at ease and working in rapport. Allowing us to practice on each other within an hour of starting the course using scripts he had prepared, helped us to realise that we could hypnotise people and increased our confidence in our own ability. The training was practical in its approach, Trevor adapted his style to suit the individuals and throughout it was interactive, fun and the emphasis on how powerful hypnosis is was embedded fully. The course has been invaluable and has given me greater impetus to drive success in my Therapeutic Coaching Business.

Thank you Trevor
Kevin Porter


Excellent diploma course. Enjoyed the hands on experience. Best money I've ever spent


I completed Trevor Ramshaw´s Practitioner Level Hypnotherapy course in the Summer of 2012.

I can confirm that this was an excellent course, which far exceeded my expectations. The course was well thought out, the pace perfect, and it was delivered professionally.

On completion I felt fully confident in my abilities to induce hypnotic trance, and to do meaningful therapeutic work with a client in the trance state.

I was also given very good practical advice on setting up in business, and the reassuring promise of advice and support in the future.

Thank you, Trevor. Your hypnotherapy courses have really made a positive impact on my life.

Sharon King
Children's writer, autism awareness campaigner, hypnotherapist


I have attended and thoroughly enjoyed Trevor Ramshaw´s Foundation Level hypnotherapy course.

The course was well paced, being both interesting and allowing time for the information to be absorbed, and compounded with question and answer sessions.

Within hours of commencing the course we were encouraged to begin inducing hypnosis sessions. This quickly enabled us to get over the nervousness of trying something new, and the repetition of learning a new technique and then putting it into immediate action rapidly erased any embarrassment.

The course was interspersed with lovely relaxation sessions, and the contrast between completely relaxing and then learning once again proved to be a very effective combination.

I would thoroughly recommend this course for anyone interested in hypnosis for professional purposes or for personal enhancement ‐ in fact I have already enrolled for the diploma course!


The foundation course provided a great grounding in the skills of hypnotherapy. The hands on approach really supported my way of learning and the opportunity for practice in the small group left me feeling confident in my abilities. The intensive nature of the course does not distract from the content, but serves to reinforce the techniques and was kept to pace that suited all participants. Looking forward to doing the diploma.


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