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Sports Testimonials


I cannot thank Trevor enough for helping me get my self-belief back. From the age of 19 I have been focused on becoming a professional golfer.

At the age of 19 I had to undergo a hip operation to repair a tear and remove an impingement. I recovered physically really well over a couple of months but my mental state wasn't good. From being someone who was so focused and happy I had become a very unhappy, unfocused person. Although I was still representing Yorkshire with my golf I was struggling to enjoy my game. My confidence and belief was going and I was very unhappy with life, it also started to have a negative effect towards others. I knew it was me and I needed help to get me back to the person I used to be.

I met Trevor for my first session, we talked about how I felt and a little about golf which Trevor easily understood with being a golfer himself. In the first two sessions Trevor talked about my feelings and we achieved amazing results. My confidence and self-belief was coming back. We then moved onto my golf. Trevor put my belief back into me that I was a good golfer. He taught me how to forget about my bad shots, how to be confident over my shots and how to have a good pre shot routine.

I have also had numerous sessions with Trevor on the golf course with amazing results which I have then taken forward to my golf competitions. Trevor said he would help me get to a position in life where I would appear very relaxed around everything.

I have so much to thank Trevor for, I was so close to ending my golf career before I started my sessions with Trevor. I am now back in the Yorkshire squad and I am loving my life on and off the golf courses.

Thanks Trevor for bringing me back


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