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Sleeping Problems Testimonials


Many thanks for the help that you have given me. I intended coming back after my holidays but work got in the way of things. More is the point I am sleeping better than I have done in years, using the key word when need be.

I will not hesitate should I need your help again

Many thanks.


Sandra W from York

Life was a dark place. My marriage was at an end (both a relief and a disappointment) and I suddenly felt I was loosing my whole life and who I was. I began to suffer from a severe lack of sleep. This spiralled into poor eating, ill health and over work. Everyone around me seemed to be having problems and I felt swamped. I suffered increasingly severe panic attacks until I finally couldn't cope any more. I was terrified that I was going insane. My doctor was excellent in his understanding, I was being sucked into a dark hole, completely lost from myself patience and sympathy and prescribed me medication and offered me counselling. Although the counsellor helped to some degree, in allowing me to talk I still felt as if I was being sucked into a dark hole, completely lost from myself. I was diagnosed as having severe anxiety and mild depression. All the medical advice was accept what is happening to you! This was like asking condemned woman (or man) to put their neck in the noose and jump off the deck! I did not want to accept this feeling. It was terrifying. I wanted to gain control; I wanted to know who I was.

Gail C, Administrator

After just two sessions with Trevor I had the best nights sleep for over six years. He helped me to deal with many negative issues, putting me at ease, which allowed me to relax and enjoy the hypnotic experience.

Andy L, Manager

I had for some ten months suffered from sleepless nights, being at odds with myself as to try and cure or at least improve my quality of sleep and how I would attempt this.

On a verbal recommendation of a work colleague, who had tried many times to quit smoking, I was at first like most people, wary of discussing a problem under hypnosis. After a few weeks of my condition getting no better, I decided that it could do no harm and at worst I would have opened up to a relative stranger. his aura was one of concern, professional approach and genuine warmth towards me

Steve, Leeds

I have been having problems on and off for some time dealing with anger issues to the point where it was effecting not only my working life but my home and family life also.

It is no exaggeration to say that Trevor saved my marriage. Driving to work and back was fraught with road rage and dealing with certain work colleagues brought on 'work colleague rage' Obviously this caused quite an atmosphere round the office and whilst the Management understood the work related problems, little was done to address any problems other than a few minutes away from the pressures just to try to clear my mind.

What made things worse was that I was taking these work and pressure related anger issues home which made life difficult for both my wife and my daughter. I'd come home and, in effect, take it out on them mentally (Thank God not physically) simply by changing the atmosphere from what was happy go lucky to one of silent resentment.


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