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Lose Weight

Lose weight with hypnosis

With a diploma in Advanced Weight Control techniques using hypnosis, I consider myself to be a specialist in this area and can offer individual or group sessions to suit any potential client.

The word 'diet' implies something you do temporarily. You diet against your normal every day eating patterns which are controlled by your subconscious mind. You might lose weight, but usually it's only temporary. Once you stop dieting, your old beliefs and eating habits return and you go back to behaving as you did before the diet.

Qualified Hypnotherapist
Trevor Ramshaw

Invites you to join his
Increasingly popular


There is NO DIET & No Forbidden Food

Come along and Join in.
Allow me to help you into a nice relaxed
state of mind and let me do all the work.

How good will you feel losing on average
2-5lbs each week without dieting?

Plus you will experience my unique
Stomach Shrinking Technique

(Imagine a gastric band?)

This is a programme of 4 sessions over 4 weeks
and includes my Subliminal CD
For just £16 per week

Next 4 week programme commences:

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Let me tell you about the good work that can be done utilising the power of your own mind. At certain times of the year many of us make a promise to ourselves to "lose weight" and go on diets of many different kinds. Well…what a waste of time! You will be on a diet of some kind for the rest of your life. What happens when you come off the diet? Dieters in the main fail and let me explain the reason why.

Lose Weight with Mind Over Matter

When I work with clients, on weight, reduction there is no diet and we do not focus on "losing weight". There are no forbidden foods! I do not want my clients to have any forbidden foods. How can it be right for someone, whom you have never met to tell you what you can and cannot eat? I combine all my skills and experience to produce a treatment that helps target the issues of weight control in the most effective way for you. Ok…got your attention now?

Lose the pounds

We are, all programmed in our subconscious mind, from childhood to go and find whatever I have been delighted with the results of the course. In the first four weeks I shed an amazing 15lbs of weight...read more we lose. Remember when you were a child losing your shoe or toy and your parents telling you go look for it and find whatever it was. Therefore, now when you 'lose' weight your subconscious mind kicks in and tells you to go and find the weight you have lost.

Makes sense does it not? Therefore contact me to book a session now!

Common Issues

Below are some common weight related issues:

  • Emotional issues
  • Childhood habits
  • Don't drink enough water
  • Snacking between meals
  • Missing meals
  • Binge eating
  • Negative thoughts
  • False body image
  • Wrong kinds of food (fast food junkie)
  • Lack of motivation to exercise

The benefits of hypnosis may include:
  • A positive self image
  • Increased positive thinking
  • More will power & determination
  • Eliminate the desire to over eat
  • Feel more confident
  • Reduce stress
  • Feel good factor

Sometimes weight gain can be caused by a past event. I can help to uncover that event and eliminate the barriers to help you reach your goal.

With hypnosis I can help you transform your thoughts, feelings and behaviour around food and exercise (if that is what you want) now.

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