Stress, anxiety and panic attacks - Help With Hypnosis in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Stress & Panic Attacks

Virtually all of us will feel stressed at some time. The symptoms include feeling under pressure, sad, worried, upset, tense, and angry. You may even have a combination of unpleasant feelings. There are many ordinary situations that can induce stress like symptoms. For example - your workload could be too high, a family bereavement, family problems or relationship issues.

Stress affects each individual in a different way, but usually presents physical symptoms. These symptoms differ from person to person, but our body knows how to deal with stress such as illness, danger or an emergency. For example, if you were faced with a potential life threatening incident, adrenaline will pump around your body enabling you to take the necessary action to avoid the danger.

Anxiety's can be like excitement in a way. It can also feel like fear. It's is a feeling you get when you feel exposed or your safety has been, or is about to be compromised in Stress and anxiety attacks can be helped with hypnosis some way. Anxiety appears in many varieties. No matter what the situation it usually represents fear. It can seem ludicrous that a person cannot even look at a spider, but such power is held in fear. It is often way out of proportion, but has the ability to paralyse. The symptoms usually pass quickly when the object of fear is removed. All fears can be effectively treated with hypnosis.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help

Hypnosis can help you understand the anxiety or stress and how it was caused.
Hypnosis can help you increase your levels of confidence and self esteem.
Hypnosis can help you find new ways of dealing with all situations in life in a positive manner.
Hypnosis can give you a much better awareness of yourself.

Panic Attacks

Fear and panic are repeated and unexpected reactions to a given situation. Most people even fear the fear of having another attack.

Use Hypnosis to overcome anxiety attacks

A panic disorder can induce a phobic reaction that makes people go to all lengths to avoid a situation that they think will cause a panic.

Hypnosis can effectively deal with the symptoms of fear and panic, by adapting the thoughts of the individual to eliminate or change the behaviour, so that the person reacts more positively to the situation, giving them control of their life. If you have an issue you want to resolve contact me for a free consultation to discuss your issue and the options available to you.


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