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Fear of Flying Testimonials


I had a fear of flying for over 40 years until my three daughters persuaded me to seek help so that I could attend my middle daughter’s 50th birthday party at the beginning of August this year.

She and her family have lived in Guernsey for over 25 years and my husband and I have missed out on so many holidays there because I was terrified of getting on planes. I would use any excuse to holiday in England and only went to Guernsey on rare occasions when I had absolutely no option! In the run up to the flights I would be absolutely miserable with lack of sleep, panic attacks and stress. I would spend the whole flight gripping onto my husband’s arm with my eyes tightly shut and I couldn’t sit anywhere near a window. Upon landing the relief was immense that we had landed safely but the following morning the panic attacks started again about the return flight so the holidays were completely spoilt. In fact, my husband went several times on his own and had to make excuses for me such as not being able to get the time off work etc!!

My son, daughter in law and granddaughter live in South Africa and when they married there 7 years ago I was so terrified of flying I was unable to attend the wedding - I had to watch the ceremony on Skype.


I was very sceptical about the hypnotherapy having never tried it before but prior to a recent flight I had five sessions with Trevor.

I have flown before as I did not want my family to suffer due to my fears but it was always with a great deal of anxiety and nerves in the weeks leading up to a flight and ultimately I would end up a bag of nerves in the airport on the day of the flight. I even went to the extreme of checking the weather at the departure and arrival airports in the weeks leading up to the flight.

On the days leading up to the recent flights I did not have any feeling of anxiety or nerves or the urge to check the weather and indeed was quite looking forward to it. The flight went well with no nerves throughout and the same on the return flight and I am now looking forward to another couple of flights this year before the ultimate goal for me next year which is to fly to New York.


Just to let you know that the hypno from last year worked a treat. I was able to go on holiday and enjoyed it from start to finish. I was not anxious enough to trigger any type of panic on the way there. I listened to the CD before I went on evenings leading up to it just to make sure!

On the return leg, we were delayed in the airport for a while and I could feel myself starting to feel anxious, it quickly dissipated. It helped listening to the CD the night before, but it was 99.9% better than the last time in any case.

Since the hols last year, I have not had any repeat performances of any anxiety or panic. I refer back to some of the sessions fondly and to be honest, I actually enjoyed it.

We have just booked flights for this year and it reminded me to email!

Thanks for sorting me out, all the best

Mark, Leeds

If you find yourself reading this testimonial, you are quite possibly like I was, at the end of your tether and desperate to find a way of overcoming a phobia of flying that has paralysed you with fear for many years, ruined your enjoyment of family holidays and restricted your travel plans to the point you would do whatever it took to avoid flying.

I decided to finally confront my phobia in 2013 after 25 years of anxiety and fear, I just didn´t want to feel like I did anymore. I had two young children and it upset me to think they would not only end up like me but I would try to avoid taking them on holidays at all costs. I did manage to fly, on average once a year for a family holiday or trip with my mates but from the point it was talked about, I simply switched off. I would not get involved in the planning if at all possible and my anxiety levels would spiral out of control from the moment I knew the trip was booked and that could be 6 months before a trip.

Simon W

I have always been a nervous flyer, only previously managing with difficulty short flights to Spain, so when the family decided on a holiday of a lifetime to Florida I knew I had to sort the problem out or they would go without me.

I had four sessions with Trevor, (the last one being the night before the flight) and after each I felt more relaxed and confident. Thanks to Trevors therapy I got on the plane and actually relaxed and enjoyed the 9 hour flight and I can honestly say I would do it again tomorrow. I felt a great sense of achievement on touching down in America and now there is no stopping me!



It was a Monday evening at the beginning of November 2012 and to my amazement I found myself sitting calmly in the departure lounge of terminal 3 at Heathrow airport waiting for 9.15pm flight to Muscat, Oman..

I had not flown for 25 years and had no intention of ever doing so until my daughter moved with her husband and our 4 year old grandson to Muscat in 2011.


Having been frightened of flying for years and having my anxieties spoil every holiday I have ever had this year I decided to do something about it. Having been given Trevor?s name as a recommendation I made a booking. I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy and thought it wouldn?t work.

However I was determined to go ahead and had a total of 3 sessions. Trevor gave me some coping techniques to help me with my flying phobia to help me on the plane.


I have never believed in hypnosis and never thought I could be hypnotised and if I´m honest only tried it because my dad persuaded me to as i was going on my honeymoon and we were going to be doing quite a lot of flying.

My biggest fear was taking off I hated it and would often cry with fear but you will be pleased to know that I was absolutely fine on takeoff on all the flights we took, I didn´t need the tapping exercises or anything it was a very calm and pleasant journey and the thought of getting on a plane and taking off no longer bothers me!


I just wanted to let you know that the hypnotherapy worked and my flight was absolutely fine! I still can´t actually believe it!

I was absolutely great until they called the flight made my holiday so much easier and more enjoyableat which point I had an ever so slight feeling of unease but I did my breathing exercises and my tapping for a few moments and I felt fine again. On reflection I think some of the feeling was related to not knowing how I would feel, sort of like anticipation of the unknown really.

The worst part for me used to be when I was going down the tunnel to board the aircraft, but I was absolutely fine! And to be honest thereafter, the whole experience of flying was somewhat of a non event. I was a little overwhelmed to find that I was ok and confused as to what I´d found frightening before.

Thanks for all your help, it made my holiday so much easier and more enjoyable!


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