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Fears and Phobias Testimonials

Andy - fear of spiders

When I decided to confront my arachnophobia, I did it because it was an inconvenience in my life and an unpleasant one at that. I knew I just wanted to be normal. I wanted to not be afraid of going into the loft, shed or garage. To not be afraid of doing the day-to-day things where spiders may crop up. To be able to enjoy life at home, away, work, holiday, wherever, without fearing a spider inviting itself!

So I went to see Trevor (or Trev as he prefers) and I am pleased to say the hypnotherapy provided has made a big difference!

Now, if you are considering hypnotherapy there are 3 things you may be wondering about:

Angela - fear of birds!

I booked a trip of a lifetime to the Maldives and I was so excited until I realised there would be birds on an island I would be unable to get off .......... maybe I should cancel!!

It was then I realised that my bird phobia was starting to rule how I led my life and I needed to get some help. I contacted Trev and after a telephone discussion decided to embark on my first journey with Trev. From the very first session I felt completely at ease with Trev and knew the hypnotherapy sessions were going to be successful for me.

Lesley - fear of frogs!

I developed a phobia of frogs and lizards which was getting worse as I got older. To the point where I couldn't even watch them on TV let alone feel comfortable when abroad on my holidays. I found that I was forever looking for them, strange when I was frightened of them, but that's what you do when you have a phobia.

Louise - fear of spiders

I've had a terrible fear of spiders all my life to the extent where I couldn't bear to be in a room if one was there. The first thing I would do when I got home was check every room for spiders. I would freeze and go into a panic if I found one, which was awful. I couldn't move one even if it was dead. I had to get somebody to come over and remove it! This was taking over my life!

I decided from that moment that I had to find a way to deal with this as it was controlling my life and I would spend hours worrying whether there was a spider nearby.

Nigel B, Team Leader - fear of spiders

What a great help! For most of my life I have suffered with a fear of spiders, to the extent that I could not stay in a room where I knew there was a spider. After two sessions with Trevor, I have been able to confront and overcome my phobia.

Liz, Barnsley

After a life time of fearing slides and speed, I visited Trevor. He encouraged me to picture myself with happy face as I faced my fear. On a I could not have done it without your help residential with 10 children watching I approached a zip wire 10m off the ground. I still felt nervous as I faced a lifetime fear – but I did jump and I did it for me and for him and a group of children who were watching. If you are wondering, yes I did smile. I then did it 3 more times, climbed to the top of a climbing wall, abseiled down and completed an assault course 8 metres off the ground.

Yes I did have a harness on – I might be brave but not stupid! Thanks Trevor – I could not have done it without your help.


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