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Fears & Phobias

Stress & Panic Attacks
How Can Hypnotherapy Help

Virtually everyone is frightened of something at some time in their lives and some fears are necessary for our survival as they protect us from putting ourselves into dangerous situations. From an early age we learn to fear things that are dangerous to us and this kind of fear is controlled and managed, we live with it and gain an understanding. We forget about it as it comes and goes

The fear associated with a Phobia is different in that it usually seems to serve no purpose and it invariably stops the person from leading a normal life, in many cases preventing them doing things that they want to because of their necessity to avoid whatever it may be. There is also the fear of the fear itself, which essentially means that people can get worked up just thinking about the feelings they would experience that are associated with the phobia.

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It can be so intense that the mere mention or thought of the object of fear can cause them to react in horror. The phobia can induce all the physical symptoms that are normally associated with the fear of a life threatening situation even though in most cases the object of their fear is far from being such a situation.

Phobic Cause

Although the root cause of people´s phobias will differ between individuals, the phobic response is usually triggered by a faulty survival mechanism. More often than not the unconscious mind is trying to safeguard the individual from something that it believes to be dangerous.

People have different degrees of behaviour that may have manifested itself years ago, even during early childhood. No matter what the cause, the result is usually the same, causing feelings of absolute terror, inducing symptoms of anxiety, stress and panic.

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What can be done about it?

Phobias are normally rooted in the unconscious mind, which is an area that is particularly open to suggestion and change through hypnosis.

Many people find living with their Phobia a real problem, but despite this they are wary about seeking treatment, usually for the same reason - The belief that they will have to confront their fear.

Whilst this can be used with hypnosis, there are a number of alternative, very effective Hypnotherapy techniques that can be used to treat Phobias of all kinds. All of these techniques are gentle, with consideration to the person's condition.

Use hypnosis to conquer fears and phobias

The unconscious mind usually responds positively to hypnotherapy treatments regardless of the phobia or how it developed and manifested itself to start with. Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your issue and the options available to you.


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