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Improve Your Golf

Improve sporting perfromance with hypnosis

Improve your golf with hypnosis!

As a keen golfer I have developed self hypnosis sessions to help improve my golf. I lowered my handicap by 5 shots last year! With more time to play I believe I could lower my handicap much further.

Think about the last time you played golf and executed a shot exactly as you intended. Each and every movement performed the way you envisioned. The golf ball landed or rolled to the exact spot you intended.

Where was your mind at the moment your golf club made contact? What physical sensations did you experience? Did you feel uneasy or tense? No absolutely not! Your body was relaxed and performed exactly as it should. The shot had everything right about it and was effortless.

You were in "THE ZONE". Getting to this place physically and mentally will improve your golf game.

Through self hypnosis you can become more relaxed, which can help you be more positive, stay healthy, sleep much better and ultimately help you improve your game of golf!

Improve golf with Mind Over Matter

With the use of hypnosis you can allow yourself to manage the mental aspects of golf subconsciously, bringing about a positive change in your beliefs and raising your confidence levels.

Using hypnosis to manage your game is great, but you should still consult your golf pro for any technical improvements required for your game. If you couple the two together your handicap should reduce significantly!

I run one to one sessions or group sessions and aim to cover the following areas during these sessions:


It's important to take the right level of confidence into each and every game of golf and also your practice sessions. Your performance improves with confidence and that's a fact. I will give you a tool that you can use to keep your confidence levels high throughout your game.


If you don't believe in yourself you will never achieve.


It's important to manage your expectation on the golf course or practice ground.

In the zone with Hypnosis

Breathing is so important to manage your state. Breathing correctly helps you remain calm and in a positive state. Breathing correctly can also alter your state from negative to positive.


There are 2 types of practice:
1. Skill acquisition – what your pro's taught you!
2. Simulating game conditions – like the real thing!

People usually take around a 50 ball basket onto the range. They hit most of them really well and hit the 49th ball right in the sweet spot of the club and the ball goes as far as it ever has with that particular club!

The temptation is then not to hit the last ball but just to kick it onto the range so that you go off feeling positive having just hit a superb ball!

I will teach you why you should never do this and why it's so important to hit that last ball!

Mental management of your game

Did you know that you can alter your state on the golf course just by looking in one particular area of the course? This keeps you in a positive state and enables you not give anything away to your opponent. I will show you how exactly this works.

We've all done this – Oh no it's my bogey hole. Or oh no I always end up left into the bunker on this one. Or you've just hit a poor shot and off line.

Improve your handicap with hypnosis

You need to get back on track with positive thoughts. Need to break the thought chain. I can give you tools to help you accomplish this

Remember - There are 3 ways to hit a bad shot:
1. Poor technique
2. Poor decision
3. In the wrong state of mind

All learning, performance and memory is state dependant. Get in the ZONE! I can help you get in the ZONE!

I have a simple, quick and effective technique for eliminating the bad round thought process from your mind. "Breaking the negative thought process"

You can start winning sooner than you think, contact me to book a session now!


Weight Control

lose weight

Do you want to control your weight? Do you find it difficult to eat healthy? Feel tired, run down, lack energy? Call me to discuss a weight control programme that's individual to you.

Gastric Band

improve your golf

A gastric band can be fitted under hypnosis, simulating a real operation in order to help you lose weight! There have been a number of hypnotic gastric bands fitted recently that have been reported in the national press and on TV.

Trauma & PTSD

Trauma & PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] is a natural emotional reaction to a deeply shocking and disturbing experience. In other words, it is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.

Stop Smoking

stop smoking

If you seriously want to stop smoking you can quit with hypnosis in just one session. If you're determined to quit then let me make it easy for you. Call me to book an appointment now!